S.M.E. being put to the sword by unscrupulous Insurance hikes .

The malpractice of dual pricing and loyalty penalties being used by the Insurance companies must be tackled Immediately by the Government.

This malpractice is harming our local economy. Despite all the sound bites Co. Wexford   has 2% above the National unemployment average. This is a County that depends on small enterprises for employment. S.M.E.’s are under  pressure from these   enormous unjustified insurance hikes. .

I spoke with a local business man who had to give up his business . He said “I had 3 vans on the road, I had to let one  driver and one Van go at first,  then my insurance almost trebled again and I had no choice but to close my business.” He had 4 people in full employment including himself.

This malpractice must be outlawed, Insurance companies many of them connected to multinational outlets are ripping off the profits of hard working people, Many of whom work 7 days a week and well over the 40 hour a week.

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